Beginners Arabic Tutoring!

I'm so excited to tell you about our latest project: Arabic Classes! For Women (and children) By Women! If you're anything like me, I am truly in love with Arabic. It's such a beautiful language and rich culture, you'll never get bored learning Arabic. For more information: Sign Up Here!


Ramadan is Almost Here!

Assalam Alaykum! I hope everyone is doing well! Allahumma balighna Ramadan! With Ramadan just around the corner, Alhamdulillah, by Allah's help I put together a small 5- Part Mini Series on Preparing for Ramadan! Click here to join! May Allah allow us to reach Ramadan with high level of Iman and Health. Ameen. BarakAllah feekum!

Arabic Worksheets- Connecting Letters

connect the letters connecting ي، ح . ب connecting بتث


Names of Allah. Allah As Salaam. 26th Feb.

Notes on one of the Names of Allah azza wa jal


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Taking the good, Leaving the bad

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته What's the problem with the argument "take the good and leave the bad" when it comes to deen? Sometimes we use this concept in other parts of life....which can be beneficial. But why is it very dangerous to use this concept with deen? If you had an option … Continue reading Taking the good, Leaving the bad



I am crawling... knees in the mud, elbows darkened I trudge through the mud of my own weaknesses, neck down, scared to scratch my head on the spikes of my own sins that hover over me. I am pushing my way against the weight of my own faults and everything that I have done to … Continue reading Crawling


Living in a non-muslim country

Maybe it's different in every country, maybe it's better in some places than others. I can only speak for myself. We live in a country that so confidently stands by the freedom of belief. Yet, this is compromised when it comes to the Islamic faith. People who have lived in Muslim countries their whole lives, … Continue reading Living in a non-muslim country


I had to be Shaken

AssalamAlaykum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh I used to be in such a mess. Wa Alhamdulillah. And I knew it was because of my own wrong-doing. I thought I was following the deen, but in reality I was not. May Allah forgive us. Besides the few halaqas/events, which were taught merely by other sisters who had … Continue reading I had to be Shaken


The Major Sins Texts by Imam Dhadhabi

الكبائر للذهبي Arabic text Al Kaba-ir Imam Dhahabi (English) Here are links to download the text in order to follow along with classes in sha Allah. May Allah make it of benefit. BarakAllah feeki