Prepare for Ramadan and Detox our Minds

Our hearts indeed are our most prized possession.

Yet we neglect it so often.

We want peace while we are sitting in fire…we say we follow Quran and sunnah but fill our lives with everything but Quran and Sunnah.

What do we attach our heart to?

We are all in desperate need of reforming, purifying our hearts, away from our temptations  (الشهوات  ) and doubts (الشبهات ).

The most important knowledge is is to know Allah, for how do we love someone we do not know? We get to know Allah  through the evidences in Quran and sunnah on the authentic understanding, without likeness, changing, comparing.

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Ibn Al-Qayyim said: There is no doubt that perfect servitude to Allah is part of perfect love. Undoubtedly love of Him leads to submission and obedience to Him, seeking His pleasure, doing one’s utmost in worship of Him and turning to Him. This is the best and strongest motive to do acts of worship.

Indeed as we prepare our hearts and limbs for Ramadan,

we take away the bad to make space for the good.

We are more careful of what our eyes see and our ears hear. Fill our homes with the words of Allah, with Ilm,

with devotion to Him on the guidance of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم .

Here it is where peace is found.

Below is a short infographic on detoxing our minds from all un-Islamic influences in order to live up to our true purpose and live a more peaceful Islamic life. With Ramadan just around the corner, we strive to rectify ourselves to make the most of the blessed month. May Allah allow us to reach it and may Allah make it easy for us!

Mental Detox for Muslims by Roshdyna Ahmad


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