Media Detox and Islam: How are the two related?

What I find most difficult about eliminating the entertainment industry from my life is that it involved fighting a deeply rooted habit that was formed in my childhood. I truly believe that it was an addiction.

Immersing yourself in the entertainment world inevitably will warp the way you see and think about the world around you. It will even impact the way you think and understand things in deen. May Allah protect us. In all honesty, it did affect the way that I learned and implemented our religion.

I was not able to taste the sweetness of Islam, by Allah’s permission, until I gave up watching TV and listening to music.

My friends used to be addicted to watching Once Upon a Time, a show about Disney characters in real life. Though there was not much nudity in it, there was a lot of magic (obviously being it was about Disney characters). I watched it with them, and every time we met, we talked about it.
It wasn’t until, Alhamdulillah, I started working at the masjid that my heart simply rejected it. Whenever I tried to watch the show, I felt very uneasy and disturbed. I felt very annoyed with some of the images and concepts that were being shown to me. I slowly stopped watching it and my friends would make fun of me for being so “behind”.

When you are around Quran and Sunnah, your heart doesn’t like things that are other than the remembrance of Allah. Certainly things on TV can literally become stressful. It becomes ugly to you, even if people call it fashion or entertainment.


But shaytan will not stop trying. He will try to get you to waste your time with anything unnecessary, be it too much news, too many tutorials, too many games or whatever it may be. Our heart feels the impact almost immediately. That’s why people don’t understand how a “only two hour movie to just relax” can actually influence your
the lack of ability to watch & absorb religious classes or understand Quran correctly. It can even affect your concentration in reading effectively.


In a world where people are so focused on detoxing your body to get in shape, we neglect detoxing our minds from poisons in the media and entertainment industry and instead, nurturing our hearts with pure Quran and Sunnah. As Muslims, we are much smarter than the herds of humans brainwashed by these “role models.” Who are they compared to Khadijah and Aysha, رضي الله عنهن?


May Allah make us love what He loves and hate what He hates and love the actions that make us close to Him. Ameen.

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