Let us not

There is a large disconnect with what we believe in important and what we actually do in our lives. What we say and what we act on.

When we ask ourselves what is important to us, rarely do we say watching tv or scrolling Facebook or shopping deals. But yet when we look at the majority of the time we spend in our lives, it is exactly those things.

Let us not be those people that claim we believen and love Quran and Sunnah, yet barely open the Quran and barely learn about the Sunnah.

Let us not be the people who say we love the people of knowledge and the doers of good, yet surround ourselves with opposite of them.

Let us not be those who say we love Allah, yet are scarce in His rememberance. Yet enjoy disobeying Him or  love and admire those that lie against Him. We seek refuge in Allah.

When we look at the life of the Prophet ﷺ. Then we look at the lives of the sahabahs, and the tabieen and their students… may Allah be pleased with them. They have unified their claims and their actions. They are truthful with their word.

Are we truthful with ours?


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