Imagine being lost in a jungle in a foreign land. You have no idea where you are or even how to survive. You don’t how to build a shelter because the leaves and the types of trees are different. You don’t know what berries to eat or which ones are poisonous. You don’t know what types of animals live here.

It’s been days and you haven’t eaten and don’t know how to find water. Then all of a sudden, you see a giant book and it says “map and survival guide.” You are ecstatic! Finally something to help you find a way out or at least to help you find something to eat.

You run to it and open up this giant book… but you realize you cannot understand it. You know you need this information, so you get a translator to help you. But even so, there’s no way you can fully comprehend it. The translator says, the blue grapes are safe…but when you go to them, there are many different blue grapes! Some people still just eat any blue grapes, and you see them get sick for days. Some even die, all because of a wrong understanding. Some translators think they know, but they do not, and lead other people astray.

The Quran is Allah’s book of guidance to mankind. And the Sunnah is how to live that guidance. Without it, we are lost.

So why don’t we spend time learning it and the language it was revealed in? Why do we just trust anybody with our salvation?

May Allah protect us and guide us to the straight path. And keep us steadfast. Ameen.


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