Living in an Airport

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
You have a flight from Tampa to New York city and on the way, you transit in Nashville for 2 hours. You meet another passenger and find out they too have the same flight plan. When you both get off the plan to Nashivlle, you proceed to the next gate for both of your flights to New York. But when you look over at her, she has bought so much food, a sleeping bag, and proceeded to set up all her electronics and her new sleeping bag. She even bought herself more clothes. She started to make new friends and encourage them to do that same. She spent so much money, effort, and heart. By the time she seems pretty settled in, the flight is about to board in 10 mins and the things she bought cannot be taken on board.

And so is the reality of this life. We are here in transit only to gather the things we need to bring to the next life. We have responsibilities, that we take of according to the Sunnah. But our aim and our hearts are attached to the Hereafter.  Don’t worry about settling in, when our flight is about to leave.

…In sha Allah to a place more beautiful than this one. May Allah enter us into His Jannah. Ameen.

May Allah protect us, forgive our sins, increase us in knowlesge, and grant us Jannah AL Firdaus Al-A’la with the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. May He allow us to be amongst those that see Him and among those He is pleased with. May He give us a good ending and help us remember and thank Him. Ameen.


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