3 ways I stopped the Music/TV habit

The picture above was from my Walimah. Alhamdulillah. I actually had no music/nasheed at my walimah…and apparently, it was a giant deal, even though it was held at a masjid hall. Some people confronted me, some people talked about me behind my back, some people scoffed in other ways. SubhanAllah, may Allah protect us and guide us. This haram has become such a giant part of our lives and cultures that people cannot have fun without it. And it brings such harm into our communities and takes us away from the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal.

It was a hard habit to give up, no doubt. Because of the way the world is right now and the way the modern child has been nurtured by music and tv thorough all sorts of venues. But these three ways, by the will of Allah, had helped me stay far away from this haram.

#1 recognize the dangers of Music and TV

Oh the list is many. Many, many, many. As a practicing Muslimah, Music and TV/Movies promote some of the most damaging ideologies and thoughts to our souls. Lyrics that promote other than the remembrance of Allah, songs about dedicating our hearts to someone else other than Our Lord, living dependently on love and the love of another human being… this isn’t reality!

And TV/Movies are nothing but drama, and these days everything haram. Haram relationships, haram language, haram dress codes, and music! These things should hurt our hearts to see and watch the disobedience of Allah azza wa jal.

The worst part is, the constant watching of these things will cause you to somehow admire it, to seek it in some way. And therefore, not commit 100% to the real purpose of existence= to worship Allah azza wa jal.

Not to mention the countless hours a day you just flushed down the drain… hours that you are accountable for. Hours that you will be asked about. May Allah protect us and forgive us.


#2 Surround yourself with people who stay far far away from them

Your husband, your family, your friends. They should have the same understanding as you about Music/TV/Movies. Because, if you are like me and spent most of your young life not avoiding these things, there will be a great temptation. Especially when you are alone at home and “bored” (oh, how I dread the “b” word). They should all feel and hate these things fi sabeelLillah. Because guess what, even if you hang out with someone who does indulge themselves in Music/TV/Movies without you, your heart will definitely feel it. Those of you who have abandoned it, know what I mean.


#3 Replace it with something better

So now you have hours everyday with nothing to do. Well, now we have more time to do other things! Lectures, Islamic videos, reading Quran, artwork, physical exercise, and so many halal things! You can learn a new skill, a new hobby, (crochet, sewing, etc.) or trying to learn a new language, or some other self-improving activity. And that is why I feel like “bored” is such a horrible term. Have we not found ways to make use of our time? On the Day of Judgement, we will certainly regret that wasted time!


May Allah help us love what He loves, and hate what He hates. May He forgive our sins and guide us on the straight path. Ameen.





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