Great Islamic Resources for Children

Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi said: “The mother is the first school. If she is righteous, the progeny becomes righteous.” [Fath-ur- Rabb al-Wadud (2/256)]

After doing some research on Islamic children’s activities (programs, cartoons etc.), I found that overall its impermissible (Please see Fatwa here). Now, to most modern day families, this means changing just about everything in regards to daily habits.

I don’t have children of my own, may Allah provide, but I was thinking to myself, how would I raise my kids? What would I give them to do? May Allah aid us and protect our families from all evil. Ameen.

I started scouring the internet, diving deep into the world of strictly-practicing mothers hoping to raise their children on the Sunnah.

Alhamdulillah, I absolutely loved what I found! Workbooks, coloring books, online programs galore… covering everything from learning their time-tables to performing salah correctly to memorizing ahadith. All decorated with faceless cartoons, no music, and completely halal…LOVE it.

Here are some resources I came across:

  • Growing in the Deen showcases some creative ideas for projects. I love how she connects the science section on Eclipses to Sunnah Eclipse prayer.

Masha Allah, wa Barak Allah feehunna. These mothers are truly inspirational for putting in 110% effort to make sure our next generation is brought up in a sound Islamic environment. I don’t know what Allah’s plan for me is, but I hope that I can match these ladies in child-rearing one day bi ithnillah.

Hope this was helpful! May Allah grant all of us children who are pleasing and obedient to Allah, coolness of our eyes, and leaders of the Muttaqeen. Ameen.


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